Aims and values

At Headington School we are committed to providing a stimulating, enriching and empowering education for all pupils, whatever their background. We want each student to develop an enquiring mind and the confidence to tackle new things. Our goal is that each girl will achieve beyond her expectations and become independent in her thinking and learning.

Headington girls are expected to be compassionate and understanding of others, while retaining the confidence to put forward their own point of view.

We aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating, enriching and forward thinking environment for all pupils, where achievement, enterprise, creativity and leadership are nurtured and developed.
  • Encourage, challenge and value every individual, promoting honesty, openness, tolerance and understanding.
  • Cultivate self-confidence, independence and responsibility, equipping students for an active and positive role in an ever-changing world.
  • Benefit our local community by providing access to educational resources, expertise and facilities.

Headington School is a dynamic institution, and we continue to build on the vision of our founders, who created a school to provide ‘a sound education for girls to fit them for the demands and opportunities likely to arise after the war’. Today, our girls face very different challenges, and here they develop the thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving skills to help them succeed in life. At Headington we provide the best possible environment for teaching and learning through first-class resources and facilities, encouraging academic rigour, independence and initiative at all ages.

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